Individual Coaching

Visionary Coaching in a Visual Way

Want to find out how coaching works for you?
How it can help you clarify and align your goals and take action steps to achieve them?
I am specialized in Personal, Executive and Business Coaching

Life, Executive or Business Coaching?

Good star coaches don’t teach them specific techniques as much as they train the psyche,
motivate, bring out the hidden capabilities of the athletes, make them realize their own talent and limits …

And that makes a good athlete – an outstanding one, a champion.

A life coach does the same.

And he does it not with athletes, but with people of all different professions, ages, interests, and talents.

The Coach helps them to realize how much and what hidden strengths and talents they have and how they can use them in the best way for themselves.

As a complement to standard coaching I offer to include in the session the unique method of Neurography. NeuroGraphing creates new neuron links in the brain, giving us access to resources we are not aware of, changing the way we think and perceive the world around us. And as we know, thoughts lead to actions, and actions lead to concrete, measurable and visible results.